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           Kanyakumari is famed for its incomparable geographical location of not only for its land's  end of India
     but also for tri-sea (Arabian sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal ) confluence.  Lakhs of tourists, round  the
     year are lured  by the serene of beauty of this place and the spectacles of sunrise and sunset. Though sunrise
    can be viewed throughout the year, sun set is only visible from October 15'th to march 15'th from this south
     most Trip. But one  can view both sunrise and sunset throughout the year from atop a hill called murugan
     kundram which offers a  panoramic view of kanyakumari. The sunset  and moonrise can be seen almost
     simultaneously on full moon days  from the same spot. It is unique and spectacle.

                           The 3000 year old temple at this place is dedicated to virgin goddess kanyakumari , who stands
      in eternal vigil goddess protecting the country , is surrounded by a stone wall and stands on the edge of the
      ocean. The entrance to the temple is through the northern gate, while the eastern gate always remains closed
      except on some festival days.

                             Amidst the sea there are two rocks known as ' twin rocks' , both contributing to the rich Indian
        heritage with the monuments of swamy Vivekananda and saint Thiruvalluvar.

                             Kanyakumari and its surroundings are belived to be part of the land which was created By the
         parasurama , an incarnation of  lord  Vishnu. Folktales and mythological stories speak volumes about

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